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Nearly 75 years ago a man named Morris Abrams, started a one-man sales operation that would become the Arrow Fastener Company. Abrams determination to succeed are credited for the growth and success of the company.

Arrow Fastener Co. was located at 30-38 Maujer Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. This would be their home for nearly 2 decades. At some point in the first 25 years of their history, the company incorporate to become the Arrow Fastener Co. Inc.

The early patents issued to Arrow include 2,205,709 which was filed for on June 21, 1939 by Morris Abrams himself. His address was listed as Brooklyn, New York. This, the first patent was approved on June 25, 1940. The patent appears to be simular to the Model A44.

The second patent, 2,312,142 was filed on January 8, 1941 by Morris Abrams and George Berger, both listing Brooklyn as their home. This patent was approved on February 23, 1943. This patent has the same general appears as the Model 11.

The next patent was applied for on March 23, 1945 by George Berger and was approved on March 7, 1950. It is believed to be the same Model 11 with a capacity for smaller staples.
The last patent, 2,535,482 was applied for on March 25, 1948 by Frank S. Boroughs and was approved on December 26, 1950. This was a new hand held model.

One other name appears on all patentent applications and deserves recognition. J.B. Felshin, who was the attorney that for approximately 10 years, represented Morris Abrams with all applications.

A few of the early Arrow Fasteners included the Model 11, Model A-44, Model 105 Model 200 and Model 203.

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