Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing

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Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing was a maker of tools and hardware operating in Bridgeport, Connecticut from the late 19th century onward.

Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing was founded in 1895 as the Bridgeport Manufacturing Company by Willis F. Hobbs. Its initial location was on Knowlton Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Willis Hobbs had been involved previously in other business partnerships in Bridgeport, including the Wilmot & Hobbs Manufacturing Company and later a partnership with E.N. Sperry. Hobbs was an active inventor and received a number of patents for products manufactured by the company.

In 1900 the company built a new factory and moved to 461 Iranistan Avenue, but a fire in 1902 forced a temporary move to other quarters. In 1902 the company was reorganized as the Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Corporation.

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