Cole Steel Equipment Company, Inc

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Cole Steel once boasted that it was world-famous for filing cabinets, office chairs, steel desks, blueprint cabinets, shelving units, storage cabinets and pronto files.  From what I’ve read, their products were of high quality.

The Cole Steel Equipment Company was founded in 1933 in New York City. The company prospered to such an extent that they were able to purchase, in 1949, the main plant of the former York Safe and Lock Company in York, Pennsylvania. (This company dated back to 1882, becoming a premier maker of heavy safes and, during WWII, an important producer of the Bofors gun.

After its founder died in 1942, the company floundered and was bought up by the Levine brothers, who owned Diebold, the second biggest maker of safes and vaults in the US. In this endeavour, they may have been helped by Elliot Ness, the former “Untouchable” who eventually became Diebold’s Chairman of the Board.

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