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Easco Hand Tools was an American manufacturer of hand tools. It is best known for being the main supplier of mechanic’s tools for the Craftsman brand. Its tools were also sold under the Allen and KD Tools brands after its acquisition by Danaher Corporation. The brand name was gradually phased out by Danaher.

The company began as Moore Drop Forging Company in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1900[1] or 1901. In 1938 Moore became a vendor for Sears Roebuck. In 1967, Moore Drop Forging was acquired by Eastern Stainless Steel Corporation, a manufacturer of stainless and specialty steel. Easco continued the Craftsman contract with Sears. By 1969, the parent company was known as Easco Corporation.[1] Tools made by MDF for Sears have a “V” maker’s mark on them, those from Easco typically had an “E” and those by Danaher had a “V^” (V and upside down V, sometimes a right-side up V). Variations of the “VV” exist including three digit codes on tools such as ratchets. It is believed that these denote the time frame of manufacture.

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