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The company was started by Otto Hoppe, who emigrated to Canada after WWII . He died sortly after my father-in-law began working at Hoppe, and the company was run by Werner Rademaker, who was a friend of Hoppe’s in Germany. The company sourced tool makers in Germany and had the tools branded as Hoppe. The company also sourced tools from the US, which might explain the similarity to an existing US brand of tools.

At one point Hoppe sold different tools, namely ratchets, sockets, monkey wrenches, push drills, spring scales, pliers, side cutters, wrenches, awls, countersinks, squares and twist drills. They also made glass cutters.

Hoppe tried sourcing tools from China, but the socket wrenches failed under testing and the entire shipment was rejected, leaving Hoppe with little inventory.

For more info check http://progress-is-fine.blogspot.com/2012/10/vanished-tool-makes-hoppe.html