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it seems that he brought his invention to G. Zahnor Edwards who was running a small company in the same city. Edwards bought the patent and, for reasons I can’t determine, changed the name of his company to Kedman.  Edwards went on to become an inventor in his own right, and served on the board of directors of the Kedman Company until his death in 1990.  The screwdriver design continues to be made by the Quick Wedge Safety Tools company of Woods Cross, Utah, apparently the successor the Kedman firm.

There’s no better way to get hold of a screw and keep hold of it than with a Quick-Wedge® screw-holding screwdriver.

It grips tighter and holds better than magnetic-tipped screwdrivers and never loses its holding power. The Quick-Wedge® screwdriver holds tight in tight places and at awkward angles. It grips wood, sheet metal, machine, and practically any other kind of slot-head screw.

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