T. Williams Drop Forge & Tools Ltd

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The T. Williams Company was a British maker of wrenches, pliers, and other forged tools, most frequently found as the “Superslim” brand. The company was incorporated on March 29, 1906 and was located at Tilton Road Works, Small Heath, Birmingham, England.

In 1958 the company was acquired by Eva Brothers and afterwards operated as a subsidiary of Eva Industries.

Our information for the company was found on the Grace’s Guide T. Williams web page, which shows some period literature, including a 1957 ad for “Superslim” box-end wrenches (“Ring Spanners”).

Tools made by T. Williams were frequently marked with a forged-in logo showing a “T/W” in a circle.

T. Williams Drop Forge & Tools Ltd was the company’s full title of the company that was producer of TW Superslim Spanners

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