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J. Wiss & Sons Company was founded in 1848 by Jacob Wiss, a thirty-one year old immigrant from Switzerland who was an experienced cutler and gunsmith. Initially located at 7 Bank Street they quickly out grew that location. In 1854 , Wiss relocated to 13 Bank Street ( the address on the featured invoice). Their final location downtown was 26 Bank Street. In 1887, the company moved ” up the hill” to Littleton Avenue , where they remained until they were bought out and the factory closed in the late 1970’s.

Their offerings were in demand during both world wars and, following the Second World War, aviation snips became best sellers. In 1967, the company was acquired by Cooper Industries, becoming a hand tool division. In 2010, Cooper Tools and the Danaher Tool Group merged into the Apex Tool Group, which is the current home for Wiss which continues as one of their brands.

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J. Wiss & Sons 1848-1976