Wynn, Timmins & Co. Ltd.

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In 1887 the long established steel toy business of Richard Timmins and Sons of Pershore Street Birmingham was sold to W C Wynn & sons, of Commercial Street Birmingham. They proceeded to extend their works and eventually concentrated on the amalgamation of both businesses under the name of Wynn and Timmins at the one address in Commercial Street. In 1892 they were incorporated as a Limited Company and by 1914 were known as the manufacturers of hand tools for all trades, iron and steel stampers, die sinker, and in the process of press working in sheet and metal for various items. The company around this time employed 200 people and the directors of the company in 1914 were W. H. Wynn, H. S. Wynn, W. L. Wynn. In 1929 they were producing tools under the heart brand until in 1969 the company was taken over by Balfour and Darwins of Sheffield, and the manufacturing facility in Birmingham was closed.

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