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Welcome to Vinty – Fine Tools and Collectibles store

Shop for quality vintage and traditional fine tools and collectibles. We buy and sell hard to find and sought after valuables, antiques, and vintage collectible items. Whether you are a novice collector or are looking to add specific pieces to your collection, we can help you find desirable collectibles and hand tools. Our helpful team of experts are available to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Tools were the first expression of human cognition and every object depends on the use of tools for its existence, resulting in mankind’s greatest examples of creativity. From master paintings to a beautiful stamp or a music instrument, piece of jewelry or the most decorative furniture, tools are essential part of creating the each one, and Vinty experience focuses on tools as the prelude to all of those other interesting antique and vintage collectible pieces .

There are few trades or professions that have not, or do not, use some form of tool or instrument. If we can find them and they are of the right quality we will happily offer them on our site. The tools include a range of old measuring instruments, hammers and wrenches, and antique planes, drill presses and more.

We carry fine tools made by makers such as Stanley, Record, Preston, Marples, Miller Falls, Norris, Starrett, Brown and Sharpe, Lufkin, Sawyer, Stevens just to name few.