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  • cluthe-torque-top-multi-wrench-screwdriver
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Cluthe “Torque Top” Multi-wrench Screwdriver


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Vintage Cluthé “Torque Top” multi-wrench. Made in Canada with the spring loaded handle and acted as the top of storage area for additional screwdriver bits inside the handle.

This item was made by the Cluthé Manufacturing Company of Kitchener, Ontario. Their “Uni-Driver” interchangeable-head screwdriver was probably their best known product and was sold through the Eaton’s department stores.

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Weight.3 kg
Dimensions22 × 5 × 5 cm


Cluthe Manufacturing Company

George Cluthé  founded the company in 1939, and eventually they were able to offer screwdrivers and many other moulded products such as tool-boxes, funnels, oilers, housewares, and furniture glides. Interestingly, the company didn't always use the accent aigu (é) on the name on their tools. They were purchased by Onward Multicorp in the mid-1990's, which then became Onward-Cluthé Hardware Products, with the motto, "We Don't Just Mould Products, We Mould Relationships."  Cute.  They're still out of Kitchener, but no longer make tools so the Cluthé brand has vanished from the tool marketplace. More info at http://progress-is-fine.blogspot.com/2012/10/we-used-to-make-things-in-this-country_22.html