• Vintage Woodworking 12" Jorgensen Wood Clamp USA
  • Vintage Woodworking 12" Jorgensen Wood Clamp USA
  • Vintage Woodworking 12" Jorgensen Wood Clamp USA

Vintage Woodworking 12″ Jorgensen Steel Spindle Wood Clamp USA


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Nice vintage woodworking steel spindle handscrews 12 inches Jorgensen Wood Clamp, made in USA. 8 inches opening and one of the finest general purpose clamping tool as the company claimed in its 1956 catalog. 

They provide greatest leverage on the work for the effort expanded. The highly selected, straight grain, hard maple jaws present a broad surface to the work being clamped, without any tendency to ‘creep’ or twist. Also, the wood jaws hold most securely, without slipping, against any kind of surface—wood, metal, fabric or plastic—without danger of marring the work. With only ordinary care, they will outlast the ‘iron’ clamps which are often substituted . . . Not all Handscrews are the Genuine ‘JORGENSEN’—be sure to look for the ‘JORGENSEN’ Trade-mark on the jaws of the Handscrews you buy!”

This fine vintage tool is available for pick up in west Toronto or we can ship it across Canada and US

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 10 cm


Pony Jorgensen

Pony Jorgensen story began in 1903 when a small company opened up shop in Chicago, Illinois. Founder Adele Holman, a former professional opera singer, envisioned a company that could grow through product innovation, excellent customer service, and woodworking tools with superior performance. She partnered with Hans Jorgensen, a Danish cabinetmaker, and Marcus Russ, a tool salesman. It was an unlikely combination at the time, but it laid the foundation for the Pony Jorgensen brands that woodworkers have come to rely on for high-quality clamps.